Previously Funded Grants

Here's a list of Classroom Enrichment Grants to KCSD educators and Youth Enrichment Grants to nonprofits serving the children of Kershaw County.

2019 Spring Classroom Enrichment Grantees


Jennifer Atkinson, Lugoff Elementary School, Toy Story STEAM Mania; Officer Karen DeVors, Camden Elementary School, D.A.R.E Program; Meredith Floyd, Pine Tree Hill Elementary School, Hands-On Equations; Diana Kingsbury, Pine Tree Hill Elementary School, FOSS Science Kits; Sara Ponds, Lugoff-Elgin Middle School, Keyboards; 

Tonya Seay, Lugoff Elementary School, Readers Are Leaders 

2018-2019 Youth Enrichment Grantees 

Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County, Arts Outreach

Jackson Teen Center, Computer Lab

Kershaw County Music Association, Brevard Scholarship

Boys & Girls Club of Kershaw County, Fine Arts Show 

Kershaw County Robotics, Team 2018-2019 

2018 Fall Classroom Enrichment Grantees


Lawrence McCallum, Camden High School, Self-Contained Work Based Enterprise; Raymond Jennings, Lugoff-Elgin High School, Brewed Awakenings; Amanda Oliver, North Central High School, Microburst EMPLOYability; Jack Pierce, Continuous Learning Center, Therapeutic Art; (not pictured) Elaine Dorsey, Nikki Ingram, Chuck Baker, Lugoff-Elgin Middle School, Inclusive Education; Monica Barber, Blaney Elementary, Protractors

2018 Spring Classroom Enrichment Grantees


Susan Morris, Lugoff Elementary, Project Elementary Gymnastics; Kayla Shoemake, Lugoff Elgin High School; Project STEM Enrichment Through Games; Alison Lopez, Camden Middle School, Project TI-30 Calculators; Isaac Pitts, Camden Middle School, Project Soundtrack: World Tour; Ashely Middleton, Camden Middle School, Project The Hidden Curriculum…Social Skills; Carla Cothern, Camden High School, Project Biology Hands-on; Amanda Hicks, Lugoff Elementary, Project Building Independent Readers to be Leaders, Chuck Baker, Lugoff Elgin Middle School, Project Understanding My World

2017 Fall Classroom Enrichment Grantees


Hope Robinson, Lugoff Elementary, Literacy Learning Luggage; Marti Wallace, Camden High School, Ceramics Class; Judi Mills, Doby's Mill Elementary; Grocery Store Reading; Mary Catoe, Doby's Mill Elementary, Once Upon a Time; Donna Watts, Blaney Elementary, Let's Boogie