Nonprofit Youth Enrichment Grants Available

The Camden Junior Welfare League is accepting applications from nonprofit organizations serving the children in Kershaw County. This grant is provided as a reimbursement of project expenses, once the project is completed by the nonprofit organization. Project requests must directly benefit or impact youth.  Deadline for this grant application is Friday, November 20, 2020. Click here for grant application. 

Fall Classroom Grants Underway

The Fall Classroom Enrichment Grants cycle is underway. These grants are open to all Kershaw County School District educators, providing up to $500 for classroom support, project support, and extracurricular support. The purpose of the grants is to support enrichment areas such as math, science, history, language and writing, arts, physical education, life skills, and special education for students with disabilities. Awardees will be announced soon.

Spring 2020 Classroom Enrichment Grants Awarded!

The Camden Junior Welfare League awarded 14 Kershaw County School District educators classroom and project grants totaling close to $5,000 for projects that were meant to be implemented during the spring months of the 2019-2020 school year. Due to COVID-19 school closures, the CJWL will honor the grants to educators as long as the projects are completed in the fall of 2020. The following grants were awarded:

North Central Middle School - Supporting a field trip for 8th graders to the SC State House in Columbia.

Blaney Elementary School - Supporting a new reading series in 3rd grade, "Rooted in Reading". 

Midway Elementary School - Supporting a 4th grade classroom library. 

North Central High School - Supporting a series of independent life skill field trips for a Moderate Intellectual Disability Self-Contained Class. 

Lugoff-Elgin High School - Supporting the trip of the Special Olympics Unified Basketball team to the state competition on March 14th in Columbia.

Lugoff Elementary School - Supporting a multisensory program for speech therapy in small groups or in classrooms. 

Wateree Elementary School - Supporting the Cardinals Coffee Cart, a project that teaches students with moderate intellectual disabilities various functional skills. 
Doby's Mill Elementary School - Supporting the purchase of multi-leveled book sets for all second grade classrooms to use. 

Lugoff-Elgin Middle School - Supporting projects for 6th and 8th grade students to learn about 3-D design and printing. 

Leslie M. Stover Middle School - Supporting the "Story Time with Communication Boards" program for self-contained speech/language students.

Lugoff-Elgin High School - Supporting a hands on activity to be used while students learn about the atomic spectra. 

Lugoff Elementary School - Supporting the creation of an "math detectives" activity to help students master math skills in a fun, engaging way. 

Camden High School - Supporting the first annual Girl Power Summit at CHS, which includes enrichment programs for young women to achieve excellence in social skills, leadership skills, and personal development.

Jackson Elementary School - Supporting the creation of innovative homework strategy kits for 3rd grade, to engage parents and reinforce skills and concepts being taught in the classroom.


The CJWL was also able to connect one teacher with a local business to help supply some of the materials requested in the project application. 

2019-2020 Nonprofit Youth Enrichment Grant Awards

The Camden Junior Welfare League awarded three Kershaw County nonprofits grants totaling $3,500 to continue their work improving the lives of the children of our community. Grants were awarded to the following nonprofit programs:

Arts Center of Kershaw County - Funding a portion of the production costs for the Spring 2020 teen theatrical production of Once Upon a Mattress, which offers teens throughout Kershaw County the opportunity to participate in all aspects of a theater production, including on stage, backstage, and technical support roles. 

Kershaw County Music Association - Supporting the annual scholarship program to the Brevard Music Institute, where students are immersed in an intense environment that teaches what it means to work among world renowned musicians toward excellence. 

Mt. Moriah Outreach - Funding a mid-school year book bag and school supply drive, for families in Kershaw County who cannot afford to resupply their students' classroom and studying needs for the second semester.

Fall 2019 Classroom Enrichment Grants Awarded

BriAnna Alexander, Baron DeKalb Elementary School, Leveled Library 

Stephanie Beckley, Camden Elementary School, Excellent Enrichment 

Patricia Dixon, Jackson Elementary School, STEAMing for a Healthy Earth 

Rhonda Eckenroth, Lugoff Elgin Middle School, Math Intervention 

Dianne Farlett, Midway Elementary School, Early Literacy Storytime 

Kathryn Faz, Camden High School, Art Cart 

Lisa McClain, Doby's Mill Elementary School, Let's Learn to Play 

Amy McSwain, Lugoff Elgin Middle School, Unified PE/Sports 

Ashley Middleton, Lugoff Elgin High School, Sensory Through the Arts 

Kailey Mitchell, Camden Elementary School, Building Literacy Centers 

Susan Morris, Lugoff Elementary School, PE Mats 

Dana Sims, Bethune Elementary School, Seeds to Greens

Kim Stokes, Leslie M. Stover Middle School, Tigers L.E.A.D. (Leadership Exploration and Development) by Doing Great Deeds

Renee Thompson, Camden Elementary School, Switch on Friendships 

Melissa Tomascik, Blaney Elementary School, Recess Fun

2019 Spring Classroom Enrichment Grantees

Jennifer Atkinson, Lugoff Elementary School, Toy Story STEAM Mania

Officer Karen DeVors, Camden Elementary School, D.A.R.E Program  

Meredith Floyd, Pine Tree Hill Elementary School, Hands-On Equations 

Diana Kingsbury, Pine Tree Hill Elementary School, FOSS Science Kits 

Sara Ponds, Lugoff-Elgin Middle School, Keyboards

Tonya Seay, Lugoff Elementary School, Readers Are Leaders 

2018-2019 Youth Enrichment Grantees 

Fine Arts Center of Kershaw County, Arts Outreach

Jackson Teen Center, Computer Lab

Kershaw County Music Association, Brevard Scholarship

Boys & Girls Club of Kershaw County, Fine Arts Show 

Kershaw County Robotics, Team 2018-2019 

2018 Fall Classroom Enrichment Grantees

Lawrence McCallum, Camden High School: Self-Contained Work Based Enterprise

Raymond Jennings, Lugoff-Elgin High School: Brewed Awakenings

Amanda Oliver, North Central High School, Microburst EMPLOYability: Making the Connection 

Jack Pierce, Continuous Learning Center: Therapeutic Art

(not pictured)

Elaine Dorsey, Nikki Ingram, Chuck Baker, Lugoff-Elgin Middle School: Inclusive Education

Monica Barber, Blaney Elementary: Protractors

2018 Spring Classroom Enrichment Grantees

Susan Morris, Lugoff Elementary: Project Elementary Gymnastics

Kayla Shoemake, Lugoff Elgin High School: Project STEM Enrichment Through Games

Alison Lopez, Camden Middle School: Project TI-30 Calculators 

Isaac Pitts, Camden Middle School: Project Soundtrack: World Tour

Ashely Middleton, Camden Middle School: Project The Hidden Curriculum…Social Skills

Carla Cothern, Camden High School: Project Biology Hands-on

Amanda Hicks, Lugoff Elementary: Project Building Independent Readers to be Leaders

Chuck Baker, Lugoff Elgin Middle School: Project Understanding My World

2017 Fall Classroom Enrichment Grantees

Hope Robinson, Lugoff Elementary: Literacy Learning Luggage

Marti Wallace, Camden High: Ceramics Class

Judi Mills, Doby's Mill Elementary: Grocery Store Reading

Mary Catoe, Doby's Mill Elementary: Once Upon a Time

Donna Watts, Blaney Elementary: Let's Boogie

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